Spring = Recycle, Reuse, Renew, this is where we are shopping

Spring = Recycle, Reuse, Renew

April reminds us of our environment.  Earth Day (4/22), Arbor Day (4/28) and the daily signs that the darling buds of May are on their way.  The sky is big, bold and fresh, inviting us out to enjoy our world.  

Like most of you, I have lots of projects in mind for my yard, my house and the showroom.  After the long cold winter my exteriors need a lot of love.  At the very least, our front doors need to be more inviting. Actually, a big family party in August means all of our outdoor spaces need to look better than ever.  

I seldom do things the easy way.  I love to be different and I love to repurpose.  Much to Dan's chagrin, that means a lot of extra work.  Inspiration is everywhere on Pinterest, so I now have formulated a plan and need to get the ingredients necessary for making it a success.

This is where I plan on shopping.


More ways to get your garden growing:


Photo Credit: Julie T Cecchini

Where we've been shopping

I can't be bothered to stop at a Mall or patronize a big box store.  I am only interested in parting with my money if there is an adventure involved.  I like knowing where things come from.  This is where the road less traveled has taken as I searched for all things apple.

Where we've been shoppingThe Tuesday Market in Forest Park

This collective of farmers and their patrons holds a special place in my heart.  The helped Terra Americana find it's identity.

Outlook Farm was a first stop for Apples and Pork Shoulder.  



Atkins Farms

Fall is not here with out a trip to Amherst for cider donuts.  Considered by many to be among the best donuts in the US, Atkins has been perfecting their recipe over the past few decades.

Sold fresh made at their South and North Amherst locations. - $10.95 per 1 1/2 dzn


Shoppe Scoutmob  

Their eye catching e-mail led me on a tangent which turned into shopping for a stocking stuffer to give to my one and only.

Apple Pie Moonshine Spices by Clawhammer Supply
"Craft up to 3 quarts of your very own apple pie moonshine overnight, with the help of this tin of spices. Simply combine with 4 cans of frozen apple juice concentrate and 6 cups of 80-proof alcohol, letting the mixture sit for 24 hours. Then, simply strain out the spices, refrigerate, and enjoy. "   - $15


The Thrift Shop

An off season trip to Martha's Vineyard meant a stop at Thrift Shop in Vineyard Haven.  My treasure hunting led to a cool leaf shaped wooden bowl for my apples. - $4

The hours vary by season, so it's best to call and ask when you are in town.

38 Lagoon Pond Rd, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568    (508) 693-2278


Recipes inspired by our adventures:


Photo Credit: Julie T Cecchini