Dip Kits: Harvest Fruit Dip

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Mixed with whipped cream this is ideal for a sweet dip with harvest fruit, such as apples, pears, cherries, blueberries, etc.

To make: Mix

  • 1/3 cup whipped cream (or vanilla yogurt for a lighter dip)
  • 1 tsp Harvest Fruit dip mix

Ingredients: Bittersweet cocoa, cane sugar, brown sugar, orange, cinnamon and nutmeg.  

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Photo Credit: Taste of Home

Dip Kits: Cranberry Harvest Dip

Cranberry Harvest Dip

Excellent with crackers, toast, biscuits, shortbread, or butter cookies. 

To make, mix

2/3 cup Craisins

1 cup Orange Juice

1 tsp Cranberry Harvest Dip Mix

in a medium sized, non-reactive bowl until they are thoroughly blended. Microwave for 5 minutes, stir, and cook for an additional 5 minutes. The juice will have reduced so that you have a jelly-like substance forming. Mash or blend to your desired consistency. 

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Fennel, Anise, Cloves & Black Pepper.  

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Photo Credit: Taste of Home