What are you doing for Columbus Day Weekend?

Stomp Out Hunger with Wine

Long sunny bike rides, harvest fairs, pumpkin carving, raking leaves and lazy late afternoons with a glass of wine contemplating a nice meal.  These are my favorite ways to enjoy this weekend.  The exctra day is pure luxury.

Last year I added a new ritual to my Columbus day plans.  Instead of a roast in my own oven I enjoyed some new wines while contemplating how many of my neighbors dont have the luxury of of a big afternoon meal on the weekend. 

Early each fall, Our Community Food Pantry, which serves Southwick, Granville and Tolland has a Stop out Hunger Campaign.  It's purpose is to educate the community on the local need.  For the 2nd year running the festivities end with a wine tasting.

From 4-8pm this Sunday October 13th, Louie B's in Southwick will host Stomp Out Hunger with wine.  Tickets for the wine tasting and appetizers are $25.  Tickets for the food alone are $10.  The restaurants hosts a full bar, which ensures no one needs to have an empty glass.

Terra Americana has helped to sponsor the cost of the fabulous food.  This means your participation goes directly to your neighbors in need.

  • With every $1 raised we can help to provide 7 nutritional breakfast for local children. 
  • With every $100 raised we can help feed a family of 4 for 1 month.

We hope you will consider a change in your usual Columbus day festivities and Help Us Stomp Out Hunger with Wine.

Stomp Out Hunger with WineIf you are looking for some fall inspiration in your kitchen:


Photo Credit: Julie Cecchini

What is your favorite way to celebrate the harvest?

What is your favorite way to celebrate the harvest?

A long hot summer has wound down into the crisp, comforting colors of fall.  At the change of every season, I feel a melancholy for what has past.  As the weekend days dwindle I find myself experimenting with ways to preserve the last vestiges of summer's bounty.

The trees at my favorite farms are ready to be picked.  My garden is prolific; herbs, tomatoes, greens, beans; what will I do with all of it?  Sauces, Jams, and chutneys; I have learned to love them all.  Enjoying them on toast is too tame.  Fish, poultry and meats take on new dimensions with the sweet and savory concoctions I have playfully preserved in ball jars.  My freezer is filling with all manner of sliced, chopped and puréed squash, peppers and nightshades.  I already know what my contributions to Thanksgiving and Christmas will be.

What is your favorite way to celebrate the harvest?

Adventures at the stove are sure to excite me all winter.  Staples for the Indian, Tibetan and Argentinian recipes I have been waiting to try are all put up and ready for me to find the time.  When the days are short and nights long I will happily cosy up to this list of things to do.

What is your favorite way to celebrate the harvest?

My favorite way to enjoy the harvest is to savor it's flavors until the ground is ready to bear fruit once again.   What is your favorite way to celebrate the fruits of this season?

Recipes for my favorite harvest fruit;


  What is your favorite way to celebrate the harvest?

Photo Credit:  Julie T Cecchini