It's Ernest's Birthday

Our Holiday Showroom

If you have been to our place, you surely have met him.  He is the crazy rascal who makes everyone feel welcomed. One holiday season he showed up and claimed his kingdom.  On December 8th we are celebrating 6 blessed years of companionship.

Come and help us celebrate.  

Bring a donation to for the Westfield Animal Shelter and get a discount of 20% on all purchases.

Friday December 8th
11am to 5pm  

Make the trip and be prepared to relax.  Come alone or bring a friend, poke around without the worry of crowds and parking hassles.  Have a bit to eat and decompress while we put things together for you.

 Small business Saturday 11/25- 12/23

Open Tuesday - Saturday 11-5  


Happy Birthday Ernest

Are you a basket case?

Are you a basket case?
Over extended, over tired, overwhelmed and still happily always on the go and giving.  

That's us - is it you?

Are you gearing up for the holiday season with a to do list and room full of baskets to fill?  Let us help!

Are you a basket case?

For one special day we are celebrating the basket makers in our community.  Come and stock up.  Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Real Maple Syrup and hundred more local specialty products that are the perfect solution for better basket making.

We will be open for a preview

Thursday & Friday, November 17&18 from 11am to 5pm.

A special discount will apply to purchases over $50.

Are you a basket case?