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From Sea to Shining Sea

Happy Birthday America!


Every journey away teaches me that I love being an American.  Every return reminds me of why I love calling it my home.

While the news has been full of the rantings of political opponents for too long, it is a privilege to have a say in how our country is run.  We get to choose our paths in life and are allowed to pivot in favor of happiness.

Eight years ago the wife of one party's candidate said she was "ashamed to be American." Today another party is rallying around the slogan "Make America great again."

I acknowledge hunger, inequality and violence plague our shores, but blue skies, clean air and opportunity also abound.  I hope you will take a moment this holiday to remember why our country is still great and why millions around the world would eagerly accept the privilege of being part of this brotherhood.

However you spend the next few days, we hope you will take time to rest, relax and reflect.



Here are some of my favorite, perfect for celebrating our nation's birthday