Inspired by Saveur - Welsh Rarebit Bites with Apples and Granville Cheddar
How to Roast Apples

How to Choose the Right Apple

How to choose the right apple


A flow chart to aid in your pomaceous decision-making.  By , and 


Not too long ago you had 3 options for apples; red, yellow and green.  But the red ones were often tough to swallow and the green ones were too tart and the yellow too sweet. Then came the Honey Crisp and all bets were off.  Now the options are seemingly endless, but they are not all good for eating raw or apple pie.

In this video by Thomas Joseph of  Kitchen Conundrums takes the guess work out of choosing your apples.



What to do with those apples once you purchased them:


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Video Credit:  Kitchen Conundrums


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