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Spiked Raspberry Mimosa

Spiked Raspberry Mimosa with Casa Noble Crystal
Jeremy Flinkman is not a man who takes kindly to frilly drinks with silly straws and umbrellas.  So when I was playing with an idea I had for a sparkling margarita/mimosa to be served at a post V-Day brunch, I knew for sure he was not going to be a taker.

  Spiked Raspberry Mimosa with Casa Noble Crystal
Fresh puréed and strained raspberries, a splash of Cointreau, portion of orange juice, dash of Orange vanilla sugar and a proper jigger of Casa Nobles, floated on a sea of New Mexico's Gruet sparking wine. Surely this was the girly-est of drinks.  For some reason self professed cave man Jeremy was a taker on this fruit filled cocktail, perhaps it was the unpretentious mason jar I served it in...
  Spiked Raspberry Mimosa with Casa Noble Crystal
Whether you are dainty female looking for a special sunday brunch cocktail or a man's man just in from hours of snowmobileing, this drink is sure to have you resting, relaxing and enjoying.

  Spiked Raspberry Mimosa with Casa Noble Crystal

Thaw frozen raspberries sprinkled with Orange Vanilla Sugar in a cocktail shaker.
Then muddle with Casa Noble Crystal Tequila and Cointreau. Add orange juice and shake thoroughly to blend.  Strain into cocktail, champagne or sporty mason jar glasses which are 1/2 filled with Gruet.  Pay homage to this fabulous tequila by salting the rims of whatever glasses you use.

  Spiked Raspberry Mimosa

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Photo Credit: Julie Cecchini


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Heide M.

Sounds refreshing, will have to try this.

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