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Ffwd: moules marinière

moules marinière

One summer I rambled.  It was a luxury and on the busiest and harshest of winter days I look back and remind myself of that day in Antibes, afternoon in St Tropez and or evening in Cannes.  Always warm and always under the blue sky with a gentle breeze to air condition my skin.  My favorite place to ramble was on the docks.  Not the fancy all white gargantuan yacht people's docks but the docks of the real people, the ones full of a rainbow of colors shapes and sizes.

moules marinière

These were the places I found one of my favorite comfort foods; Moules marinière - Fisherman's mussels.  It is as simple as that.  Just off the boat and quickly cooking in a pot full of onions and a savory stock.  Often served with pommes frites, it is still just minutes and your belly is full and palate is pleased.   Thank you Dorie for bringing this bit of Provincial sunshine out on a dreary, drizzly New England night.

Ffwd: moules marinière
Here is my most recent translation:

In your rice cooker, saute onion and herbs in butter and 1/3 of the wine by placing them in the bowl and setting it to steam.  Add the remaining wine, mussels and Midwestern Garden Radish.  Set to steam again, tossing every couple minutes so that the favor seeps into all the shells.

The mussels are done when the shells are open.  Disgard any of the little buggers resistant to your coaxing.  Serve with fresh bread or french fries.

Ffwd: moules marinière


Adapted from Dorie Greenspans Around My French Table.



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Photo Credit: Julie Cecchini


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Trevor Sis. Boom.

You are speaking my language by pairing this dish with memories of other locations. Me too! In fact, so much so that it was hard for me to enjoy them here in suburbia.


Oh my. After reading your and Trevor's posts, I have a feeling that I really need to take a trip and have mussels by the shore. Sigh.


Lovely post…glad these brought back good memories!

Diane Balch

Mussels are definitely the food of memories… wonderful reminiscing and interesting use of a rice cooker.


Rambling sounds pretty darn good! Lovely excursions and travels.


Wow! I love how you used the rice cooker to make this. Great idea. And, it's it nice to have memories of places explored when enjoying dinner in your own kitchen?

Geraldine Saucier

Lovely pictures - thank you for sharing. These mussels were great.

Gracie ~ Food Fascination

Wow, I am going to try the rice cooker next time!


My memories of eating mussels are from rainy, cold and dark Brussels. Since I am not a big fan of neither city nor food I abstained from making this recipe this week! But I could borrow your memories to brighten a cold, snowy day here in Zagreb!!!

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