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Cheese and Garlic Sausage, Midwestern style

Cheese and Garlic Sausage, Midwestern style
Fried, grilled or baked, that is how I always had my sausage prepared.  You know, the Italian way.  That was until I found myself in Madison, Wisconsin.  In a little diner, off an unknown side street, we had the most amazing sausage sandwiches.  Not hot, spicy and crusty like I am used to, but full on savory flavor.  This is how they did it.

Prick bratwurst with fork so they won't explode as they cook, and add to a large stew pot. Add onions, Midwestern Garden Radish and butter.  Brown the sausage and then slowly pour beer into the pot. Place pot over medium heat, and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.  Serve hot on water rolls with spicy mustard.

  Cheese and Garlic Sausage, Midwestern style

If you like sausage:


Photo Credit - Julie T Cecchini

Coffee Break

Coffee Break - Free Shipping

Do the mid day doldrums drain your energy?  Our Coffee Break Collection is sure to put the zing back into anyone's day.  Locally roasted, fair trade, kosher and organic Pierce Brother's Coffee.  This blend is a tried and true Fog Buster.   This coffee break will get back your get up and go.



A gracious gift for the folks at work.  A terrific thank you for clients and customers.  This gift is win/win for the giver and receiver.

Air Roasted Coffee along with our Famous Coffee Cake Mix in Burlap (it’s our grandmother’s recipe) & Orange Vanilla Sugar tied up with a Wooden Mixing Spoon. 

An added bonus to this gift is free ground shipping anywhere in the continental US.

Coffee Break - Free Shipping

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Photo Credit: Julie T Cecchini