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What is your all time favorite brown bag lunch?

DownWhat is your all time favorite brown bag lunch?
 Ah, September....   The air is crisper, cleaner.  The morning sunlight glistens.  The streets are a little more crowded with newly fashioned, back pack laden children waiting for the bus or shuffling off to school.  

When September comes I feel like being organized.  After the clutter of summer, everything needs to return to it's rightful place.  Part of my personal restructuring translates to being organized enough to pack a lunch for work.

Inevitably these thoughts make me reminisce about the lunches I would take to school. Cheese and ham sandwiches on white bread with mustard, yuk!   That would not make it into my lunch time hall of fame.  Food that goes soft, stale and just generally funky should be banned from brown bags.

The rise in popularity of bento box lunch time culture has upped the bar for what makes the cut.  Unless you have a personal chef going, that route is far too time consuming.
But, there are certain foods, like flat bread pizza's and coleslaw that are healthy, hearty and sure to stand the test of time in a paper sack.  

My personal favorite was one my sister in law, Kate,  packed this summer.  We hiked Moscow Mountain in the Idaho pan handle.  The summit afforded us a breath taking view of the Palouse.   The sacks included fresh made spring rolls and locally made CowGirl Chocolates.  Just like Kate, the meal was unpretentious, yet elegant.

What ingredients make up your favorite brown bag lunch?
Here are some of ours:



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