TWD: Pita Bread with Spelt Flour
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TWD: Grilled Eastern Mediterranean Pizzas

TWD: Grilled Eastern Mediterranean Pizzas

This recipe turned into a party for me.  Shannon was passing through, while on a summer road trip.  It had been a dogs age since I had seen Emma, and I had yet to meet Pete.  I had yet to make good on a dinner invitation I made to a certain Mr. Chiappetta and his best friend fergus.  A Grilled Turkey and this recipe were on my list of things to do, so why not bring it all together.  This was the perfect laid back recipe to enjoy with long lost friends on a summer evening on our deck.

As lamb is not on everyone's list of food loves, and there were a few vegetarians amoung us I chose to substitute it with shredded zucchini.  It seems a shame to measure and over-think pizza toppings, so I don't.  Using what's fresh and local make this a recipe that will be enjoyed over and over again.  Here is what  we did for our party.




Slice tomatoes and toss with onion, basil and pine nuts.  Add a pinch salt and Olio Do Panne.  Drizzle  olive oil over the mixture and let sit for at least 1 hour.  Turn on the burners on 1/2 of your grill.  Heat your grill to 450 f.  Separate the pita dough into 8 balls.  Flatten them with your hands or a rolling pin.  Brush both sides of each pita with olive oil.  Place pitas on a grill pan or baking stone, and lay that on the side of the bill that does not have the flame below it.  Cover your grill.  Cook for 10 minutes and then uncover and flip the pitas.  Add toppings and bake in the covered grill for 5 minutes.  If the dough and toppings cooked to your liking they are ready to remove and cool enough to enjoy.

grilled meditteranean pizzas



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Photo Credit: Julie T Cecchini


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Beautiful pizzas! I love all the veggies on the looks so fresh and yummy! It was great having the pita dough in the house so I could bake a couple off every day. Can't wait to make the pitas again!

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