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Scrambled eggs with tomatoes are from China

Scrambled #eggs and tomatoes came from #china
Curt said "Scrambled eggs with tomatoes; I could eat them everyday!"  I thought he was talking about a recipe his mother made growing up in Pennsylvania.  No he was talking about one of the dishes at the Muslim restaurant in our neighborhood here in Jinan.  It is a perfect combination in a place where tomatoes and eggs are the pride of local farmers.

Scrambled #eggs and tomatoes came from #china

Since then I have seen restaurant menus and street vendors offering their own versions.  At a hole in the wall eatery outside the gate of Confucius Woods, where the great philosopher is buried, we enjoyed a particularly delicious recipe.  I now know what Curt meant.  This one many be a regular guest at a Sunday morning table in western Massachusetts.

  scrmbled eggs with tomatoes

Cut the green onions into chops and put them into a plate for later use.  Clean the Tomatoes and cut them into chunks. Put into a plate.  Crack eggs into a bowl or a small basin and add a dash of salt. Beat it up.
Place a wok or saute pan over high heat until hot, add 1 tsp of the oil, swirling to coat sides. Add in the beaten egg slowly when the oil is hot. Stir-fry it for 10-20 seconds until it sets and forms yellowish. Turn off the heat and cut the egg into chunks with the cooking ladle. Pick them out of the wok and put them into a plate.

Scrambled #eggs and tomatoes came from #china
Add the remaining oil the wok, swirling to coat the sides. Turn on the heat and add in the chopped green onion when the oil is hot. Stir-fry it for 10 seconds, add in the tomato chunks to be stir-fired for about 3 minutes on high heat until you can see the tomato juice run. Add in the egg chunks to be stir-fired for 30 seconds more.

Now, turn off the fire, add a dash of salt and stir it until the sauce is evenly mixed with the other materials in the wok. Pick the delicious scrambled eggs with tomatoes out of the wok and put it into serving plate.


Scrambled #eggs and tomatoes came from #china

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Photo Credit:  Julie Cecchini


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