Get your Irish Up with Dark Chocolate Irish Whiskey Cake
White Chocolate Whiskey Cream (dairy free)

TWD: Boca Negra

Twd: Boca Negra
There it is on page 253 of Baking with Julia...Boca Negra or Black Mouth.  Add Bourbon to chocolate and call it cake.  Then top it with more chocolate in the guise of cream.  These people know how to live.  I mean really leave.  Rich, dense and decadent.  A mere sliver will have me smiling for days.

TWD:  Boca Negra
It is amazing to me that 6 simple ingredients can combine to acheive something miraculous.  As I am learning, it is all in the technique.  Being the impatient fool that I am I did take some shortcuts.  You can
find the original recipe at A Frederic Food Garden.

Twd: Boca Negra
Being so close to St Patricks day, my liquor cabinet is stocked with Irish whiskey.  Come for a visit around Derby day and you will find Bourbon.  From there I cut out the sugar and exchanged with with a wee bit of Xylitol.  Lazily I heated the xilitol, whisky and chocolate in a double boiler.  Removing the melthing melage I then simply folded in the beaten eggs and Almond Flour, saving
Coffee & Chocolate Spice for dusting..  For the cream I used soy, which dis not establish a creme, so I included what is always hanging out in my pantry, tofu.  Yes, that is right, Tofu.  You have no idea, I had no idea, what miracles could be found when mixing simple bean curd and spirits.

Twd: Boca Negra
In the end I ended up with a Dark chocolate Irish whisky cake and White chocolate whiskey cream that would make St Patrick proud...Erin Go Braugh!

Find our Coffee & Chocolate Spice here.

Coffee and Chocolate Spice
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Photo Credit:  Julie Cecchini


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Your cake looks great, as do your other pics. I'm impressed with your substitutions. I'm intrigued about the tofu, who knew it could produce such a good looking cake!

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