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Ffwd: coeur à la crème for vegans

Ffwd: coeur à la crème for vegans
By necessity, my kitchen is one without lots of gadgets.  I collected them until I moved to a tiny flat in Devon England.  There I found I needed little to make something special.  The kitchens I have enjoyed in Asia have told the same tale.  So now, if I did not inherit it from one of my grandmothers or cant borrow it from my mother, I figure I really have no need.  The one exception is a coeur à la crème mold.  Along a list of cookbooks, it is something I haunt antique stores, junk shops and flea markets in search of. Ffwd: coeur à la crème for vegans

To me coeur à la crème is one of those quintessential desserts that spells out special occasion.  While it is a recipe without pretense, I put the mere notion of it on a pedestal.  A diet and no nonsense cheese strainer made this this twist on Dorie's classic a simple yet sublime treat for my valentine.


Orange Vanilla Sugar

If you are interested in our Orange Vanilla Sugar you can purchase it here.

Using a hand blender, whip tofu, lemon, sea salt and coconut milk.  Fold in coconut flour, xylitol, Orange Vanilla Sugar and coconut.  Line a strainer with butter muslin  and pour the batter into it.  Fold the sides of the muslin on top.  Place in a bowl and refrigerate for 3 days, pouring the draining liquid from the bowl every day.

Ffwd: coeur à la crème for vegans
Unwrap from the mold and serve on a cake tray drizzled with raspberries mixed with Orange Vanilla Sugar.

I loved serving this with Cinnamon Spice Cookies.  The combination is reminscent of cheese cake with graham cracker crust.

Adapted from Dorie Greenspans Around My French Table.



More from this classic cookbook:


Photo Credit: Julie T Cecchini



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Tricia S.

I love how much you love this and the mold ! This was the first time for me - eating or cooking it and I just adored it. While I don't "need" more kitchen stuff, I thought the results of this amazing little recipe will look even better the next time I don't use a colander to shape it. Because there will be a next time and I want to be able to share it for special occasions- like you said.

Terra Americana

You are so right. I cant wait to see yours.


Fascinating! I'm not a fan of coconut, but this vegan take on such a creamy dish. The dessert looks terrific. Nicely done!


Your vegan version looks wonderful. Nice to know it's adaptable for our vegan friends. We liked this enough that I might want to invest in the proper equipment, too. I think we should enlist Elaine's help - she's a superstar at thrifting.


I like how you veganized this. Your presentation is beautiful.

Trevor Sis. Boom

I enjoyed your commitment to this one!


Ingenious adaptation, especially with so few vegan ingredients to start with. It's really an original now!

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