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Anchovy Pasta

Anchovy Pasta

This taste of Italy is a recipe from Marisa Procopio's.  It reminds me of an evening strolling along the canals Venice and a chance encounter with an old friend having a meal at a small table outside a restaurant that was no more than a hole in the wall.  Something very similar to this was the one and the only dish they were serving that night.  After one bite I knew there was no need for diversity.

It is also what I had for dinner last night.  There are no leftovers to photograph in the morning light...It was just that good!  

"This is an honest, very hearty, very flavorful recipe from Liguria, a dish made with a handful of pantry ingredients, and it has a wonderful bracing effect on a nasty winter night. Makes you feel powerful,...."   anchovy pasta « eve's apple.

Anchovy Pasta

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Photo Credit: Julie Cecchini


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