Blue Cheese Dressing, a tailgating treasure
Some of our favorite places to shop local....

Where can you find things made just for you?

Where can you find things made just for you?

Merriam-Webster defines local as:

1: characterized by or relating to position in space : having a definite spatial form or location
2 : of, relating to, or characteristic of a particular place : not general or widespread

Pilgrim Candle Co.

Local products by and for local people....
In an age of Big Box stores, Made in China and camping out for Black Friday, have we lost sight of the joy in giving what is made in our own back yard?

Just north of Westfield's new bridge are places where you can actually find treats made with you in mind.  From snacks that will excite your sweet tooth to scents designed to enlighten your mood, you will find goods and gifts unique to the place where you call home.

A journey north on routes 10 & 202 takes you on a path to three spots where shopping is once again a pleasure.  The designers and craftspeople of Pilgrim Candle, Beantowne and Terra Americana take pride in making your time worth the trip.

  Whip City Candle Co.

Terra Americana

  • 382 Southhampton Rd.
  • Westfield MA, 01085
  • (413) 562-2042 
  • Open Daily -  11/26-12/23 - 11am-5pm and late on Thursday

Beantowne at Whip City Candle Co.

  • 28 North Elm St.
  • Westfield MA, 01085
  • (413) 568-9700
  • Open Daily

Pilgrim Candle

  • Depot Square 
  • 16—36 Union Avenue 
  • Westfield, MA 01085
  • 800—697—2135 
  • Open Daily


Photo Credit: Jon Goodwin

Video Published by: Jon Goodwin


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