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Shanghai cucumber salad - 拍黃瓜

Shanghai Smashed Cucumber Salad
I sat at the luxurious dinning room table of Maison Les Délices and Vanessa said, "I am sure you have had this dish before."  Indeed I had not, but what a delicious and refreshing surprise on a sultry summer day in Hong Kong.  Her recipe is one of my favorite souvenirs.

"The Chinese name of the Shanghai cucumber salad is called 拍黃瓜, it literally means Beat the Cucumber!!

After we clean the cucumber cut them into any size we desire but not too small, then we use the blade of the Chinese Knife  beat each piece lightly, so when we marinate the cucumber, which will absorb the vinegar better, it is more tasty!

I don't have exactly the quantity as I never measure, but you need;

Marinate the cucumber for a couple of hours and just add some sesame oil before serving."

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Photo Credit:  Julie Cecchini




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