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I am in China.  It is another world and I am loving the experience.  I have been h ere a little more than 1 week  and am just starting to feel grounded.  One thing that is helping and I am cooking up a storm in my little galley kitchen.  The Navarin Printainier, that should have been mastered last week and then this shortbread.


The savory stew was far less a challenge than the jam filled cookies.  It would have been a little easier had I not needed to go gluten free.  I have yet to investing a mortar and pestle to make the almond flour that is a must for me.  I  may have found arrowroot or tapioca - but the names on some of the packages are all foreign to me.  So I settled for something I have been eyeing at the Korean market at home - sweet potato flour.  The sugar I picked up is coarsely granulated and butter had to be imported from Australia.  I failed to bring a jar of the raspberry jam I would have preferred to use.  So I made use of an orange and the dates I picked up (thinking they were calamata olives - that picture was very misleading).  To top it off, I do not have an oven.  So in a pan on the stove top it is - I figure my firstly grandmother Rocci Cecchini made wonderful cakes on the grill so I should be able to make something happen with this...  I also don't think these little challenges would have held Julia back!



Using your hands, forks or a pastry cutter, combine;

Divide the dough in two and wrap in plastic.  Freeze for atleast 2 hours. 

Grate or crumble the dough. Layer your favorite jam on top. Grate or crumble the 2nd piece of dough and layer it on top, pat gently.


IMG_4309Bake for 60 min in a preheated oven on 350 f until light golden color.  If like me, cook on medium to low heat in an uncovered skillet.  Use a spatula to make sure the bottom does not burn.

Cool to room temperature before cutting an serving.  Cut into squares or triangles when cool.

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Wow - you certainly went all out to make this. It looks lovely.

A few years ago, I spent a week in Shanghai for work - it was such an amazing experience & I only can hope to return one day. (I had some of the best food I have ever eaten there)


You've managed a lovely job, even with the challenges.

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