Marilyn's Lemon Cake
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Lemon Loaf Cake
There is something ethereal about lemons to me.  The scent is so clean and fresh.  In my mind, anything lemon is worthy of love.  Lemons make me happy!

Baking with Julia, Lemon Loaf Cake
I can not believe how easy this recipe was.  The technique to make something rich yet light was intriguing.  It's out come is something special, something that needs no fancy accessories.  I stayed pretty true to the recipe, just substituting gluten free flours and dairy alternatives.  This cake is perfect in it's birthday suit.  You will find the full recipe on these two sites; Treats and  The Beauty of Life.

Lemon Cake

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baker in disguise

Gluten free and dairy alternatives.. that should have been interesting!! I found mine by itself not as lemony as i wanted it to be!!


Love that you made it GF!


Was not tangy enough for me. I love the last photo! Very creative.


That first photo is to die for! I haven't done much experimenting with gluten free or dairy free baking, but I'm glad it worked for you!

Terra Americana

Thank you ladies, the cake was very good but I do admit a tarter flavor would have suited my love for lemons even more.

I am in China and having trouble getting on certain sites, I apologize for not reciprocating.

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