A simple recipe for creamy goat cheese, Chèvre
A Gluten Free Recipe for Rugelach, with peaches, pecans and a little hemp

TWD: Rugelach

Rugelach from baking with julia

Oh my lord!  I was definitely not prepared for this...  There is something divinely evil about rugelach.  What could it be?  The mixture of butter and cream cheese in the pastry?  Dollops of sugar, dried fruits and nuts in the filling?  Then rolling it in more sugar?  I was not prepared!

I am a rugelach novice.  I was thinking they would be these little dry cookies like you get in the big blue tins of mixed danish cookies at christmas.  Oh not, that is not rugelach.  Rugelach is a delicate blend of pastry fruit and caramel, the size of my hand.  Each one threatens my vow to look good in a two piece this summer.  And looking at that heaping plate of perfection, I do not know that I care.

image from web.stagram.com

Lauren Groveman's recipe from pages 335-336 of Baking with Julia was amazing and decadent.  To translate it for gluten free I made a few changes;

For the  Pastry I used a combination of Almond Flour, Arrowroot & Brown Rice FlourSoy Garden and homemade chevre instead of creamed cheese.  For the filling I used a Spiced Peach Butter rather than the lekvar.  For the last step I rolled the slices in a mixture of the sugars and Pecan Meal.  This meant I did not have to clean a food processor.  One thing I would change is not to be so heavy handed with the Peach Butter

To get the full traditional recipe online visit My Baking Heart.  If you like this try  Chocolate Truffle Tartlets and look for more at Tuesdays with Dorie



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Kimberley Wilson, M.Ed. • If you want to have some that is even more heavenly in taste try Bridge City Baking GF Out of this world!!!!


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So glad you were able to get these to work for you!

Terra Americana

The two I had were grand indeed. Now I need to find some worthy recipients for the rest!


your rugelach looks delicious, well done :)

Terra Americana

Thanks Jen

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