A Recipe for Cheese Souffle with gorgonzola and gluten free flours
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Ffwd: Cheese Souffle

souffle for Valentines Day
Love is in the air, romance is everywhere.  In my minds eye there is a bit of french influence in all romance, so my build up to Valentine's with that special man has featured an ode to
la cuisine française.

This iconic French dish, cheese souffle can be a meal in itself, a side dish or a star on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Growing up my mother would occasionally make souffle.  Some times it was cheese, others she would experiment.  My favorite was a Swiss chard version from Marian Morash

cheese souffle, gluten and dairy free

Cut it in half, the original recipe make two perfect main courses.  I needed to make it gluten and cows milk free.  That meant I needed to go with a gorgonzola I had on hand, Soy CreamArrowrootBrown Rice and Almond Flour.

My egg whites failed to achieve stiff peaks, but never the less - the recipe, evolved from Dorie's, turned into something ethereal. Served for an indoor picnic lunch, at our construction site, with a simple salad of apples, grapes, celery and walnuts, tossed lightly in balsamic vinegar. It was a filling, yet light way to to toast a day of working together toward fertile future. 

You will find Cheese Souffle on page 151 of Around My French Table


Cheese Soufle


If you like this try:

 Photo Credit: Julie T Cecchini


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You souffle looks lovely. Good for you to adapt this recipe; not always easy to do.


Another great adaptation! Very nice.


Very gutsy of you to make so many changes, and still have it turn out so perfectly!


Your souffle looks wonderful and it's good to know that it adapts so well.

Mary Hirsch

Nice variation to Dorie's basic recipe. I wasn't as adventurous but loved your adaptions. Mary Hirschhttp://www.lightsonbrightnobrakes.com/

Terra Americana

Thank you everyone!


Brave soul! Not only did you face this, egg whites and all, but you adapted and still had success! Congrats! I love the Victory Garden cookbook. Marian Morash lives in the town where I live.

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