How to make Cocoa Sables (French Chocolate Cookies) gluten free
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Ffwd: Cocoa Sables

cocoa and butter

Around My French Table offers many gifts one is a buttery confection from Normandy.  Right there on page 406 you will find her recipe for Cocoa Sablés.  Dorie Greenspan makes this magnanimous cookie a masterpiece.  The tome Sable comes from their sandy texture, so reminscent of the beaches along the Norman coast.

Chocolate cookies - some days you really have to take one for the team.  To make mine gluten free, I used almond, arrowroot and brown rice flours, and a little less soy butter than the original recipe called for.  While there seemed to be a lot of steps, the recipe is straight forward and easy to do.  Having some cookie dough in the freezer ready to cut and bake is a revelation, Pilsbury obviously thought so.

cocoa sables

Adapted from Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table.

More from this classic cookbook:

Photo Credit: Julie T Cecchini


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Your substitutions sound great! I think since you are adapting the recipe for dietary purposes it is probably fair game to see the amounts of the different flours you used. Just sayin' ;-)

Terra Americana

Adriana - you will find the link to the full recipe in the words gluten free.

Maya@Foodiva's Kitchen

I would've loved to see the baked cookies! And yes, I'm a tad jealous of your gluten-free version. I suck at GF baking, so there... :)

Terra Americana

Maya, I will have pictures up tomorrow.


Lovely adaptation!


Love your photos and your pilsbury reference... :) So wish we could to a taste comparison between your killer gluten free version and my regular pegular version. It would be interesting.

Trevor Sis. Boom.

The recipe really was a gift wasn't it? I loved these.

Terra Americana

Thank you everyone

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