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What is your guilty pleasure?



: something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt

Is there something you like to do that makes time pass in an instant?  You know, a little something you keep to yourself in fear of being judged...  Do you vacuum in high heels?  Sing show tunes in the shower?

Justin's involves a swift river.  Another friend, who shall remain nameless, only buys animal print under garments.  My mother, I am such a tattle tale, loves crazy animal videos - and looking for rescue dogs.  She would not give up her precious Bea for the world, but if it weren't for my father, she might become a hoarder.  I think my father's is the Roku player I bought him for Valentine's Day last year.  He could be in line for some kick backs owing to all the people he shared the secret with.  When I asked Kathleen what hers was, she said, "This could take some time and might be a long list."

Kathleen had a point.  When I started pondering I thought I only had one - heh.

I'll tell you the ones that top my list;

  1. Window Shopping - I can't help myself.  There has been many a deadline I have struggled to meet because I was perusing.  I am doing it all the time.  I window shop online, in the street and through my camera lense.  It is not about a need to spend (other than time); people, places and things inspire me.  Fantastic displays, unexpected colors,the odd and the obscure, a little window dressing and my mind is racing I could be miles and days away and I am still thinking about what delighted me.
  2. I speak for all of our animals - they have their own voices and long conversations.  Charlie's is forever youthful and has a lisp. He teases Bea to no end.  Her's is a cross between Katherine Hepburn and Paula Deen.  She is a big help in the kitchen and is known channel Marilyn Monroe when she wants something from a man.  Ernest has yet to speak English, but my sister in law, Kate, is certain it will be with a Russian accent.
  3. My Pandora playlist; Cliff Richard has a station...
  4. The test kitchen that is most often set up in my home, but follows me where ever I venture.  I have the curves to prove it!

Guilty Pleasures can make a long day short and bad day good...A bit like love!

What are yours?

A package of Double Chocolate Brownies to try when you post a story of your guilty pleasure on our Facebook Page or our Pinterest Board.  

Guilty Pleasures for your palette


What you've shared:

Leslie Lichtenberg • This probably sounds slightly pathetic but on a cold winter night I love nothing more than getting in my pajamas, crawling under the covers and watching endless hours of anything on @Bravo TV.

Jacqueline Brownstein • When working I take breaks and play games. I have more than 60 games on my computer, all different types (word games, brain games, hidden object games, card games, and so on). I feel guilty taking the game breaks when I know I should be working. I am currently juggling work on five books and I still take game breaks. Indeed a guilty pleasure.

Samantha Bilton • Looking at my extensive collection of cookbooks for the shere hell of it (even when I'm not planning to cook something specific). Or drifting around secondhand bookstores looking for more cookbooks. My friends and family think I'm obsessed! They're probably right!

Joe MacDonald • A 20 minute espresso and very rich chocolate cake break can make my worst day stop and a better day begin

William MacDonald • Dunkin Donuts Mint Hot Chocolate.

Michael Oberther • The question “what is your guilty pleasure” indicates only one. Oh well.

Ben & Jerry’s by the pint
Carmel Frappuccino extra Carmel please.
Cheap tacos
Warm cookies, any variety will do
Frosted cake in milk, eaten like cereal
Gohan's battle with Cell, if you don’t know what this is that ok, this one makes me feel very guilty.

Hummm, this list has given me some ideas for Sunday afternoon.

Wil Stebbins • Cleaning out and organizing a closet or cupboard. I'm actually getting excited about upcoming spring cleaning.

Guilty pleasure

Photo Credit:  Julie Cecchini


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Christy @ Confessions of a Culinary Diva

Terrific photos! Fun post! Looks like the French Onion was a success for you.

Terra Americana

Thanks Christy - It was superb!

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