A surprisingly simple recipe for Chocolate Mousse
We are inspired by David Ogonowski's Chocolate Dough

TWD: Chocolate Truffle Tartlets


I come from a line of improvising women.  They are renegades.  As a result I am terrible at following recipes.  When I got up to make this involved creation today I wondered if I could really do it.  Suprisingly, the authors of this baking bible make it effortless.  From pages 382-383 of Baking with Julia we experimented with David Ogonowski's Chocolate Truffle Tartlets today. 


Was it a revelation or disgrace to my resolutions?  Just about out of the oven and 2 pieces are gone. Three of us are here, but I am the only one who can hold a fork. 

Perhaps I should not have decided not to make it gluten & dairy free. At any rate, this is what I did to make it so

The biscotti I used for the Truffle Filling was from our Capuccino Biscotti Mix.  Again in the truffle filling, I omitted the vanilla extract and just used 1/4 cup Orange Vanilla Sugar.


To get the full traditional recipe online visit Spike Does Stuff or watch a clip from Julia's PBS show down below.

If you are looking for a recipe that is a bit simpler, try this Chocolate Mousse.

What are you going to do with 9 egg whites? Try a Financier (they are not all on Wall Street)

 Find more ideas from Baking with Julia at Tuesdays with Dorie.






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There's nothing wrong with putting your own spin on recipes...


Terra Americana

Thanks Carmen - Cheers!

Im At Home Baking

Looks very yummy!

Terra Americana

Yummy and evil...


If it disappearing, then it must have some merit! It looks good.

Terra Americana

It was delicious. Thanks so much Cher!


I'm glad you liked it!

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