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20 terrific ways to treat your Turkey!


Thanksgiving offers a welcome change of pace, well, perhaps not for the cook.  The time between the end of summer and this holiday is fraught with frenetic activity.  Spending a few days with friends and family provides a new perspective on the daily grind.  When all is said and done the people doing the entertaining eventually get the opportunity to sit and relax. We have compiled twenty simple and delicious options to treat your Turkey.

So many reasons to be thankful....

My favorite was a Thanksgiving was spent in England.  It was also the first that I cooked.  Val, from the green grocer down the way had to look high and low for a pumpkin so that I could make pie. I had to call my Grandma to find out what to do with it, while Nana consulted on the rest of the menu.

Cooking was a delicate dance in my broom closet of a kitchen.  Kathy from Hong Kong took ownership of the Turkey.  Anthony from France was the wine steward.  Haji from Nigeria made it all look as though Martha Stewart had consulted.  Somehow it all flowed effortlessly, thanks to Theodora from LA.  Dearest Gilbert, the charming Canadian kept everyone laughing with his infectious grin.  There were so many of us we had to eat in shifts.   We were a group of grad students from around the world who bonded over this most American of traditions.  It was a day I believe we are all thankful for.

Today I look back at that time and wonder if my life was simpler then, or is it that I have forgotten how to sit back and enjoy the finest things in life; friends and family.  I hope your plans for the holiday include many moments where you can do just that.

 If you are still looking for ideas for your menu, we have 20 terrific ways to treat your Turkey...And for those wondering what to do with all the left overs, look no further.