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What inspires you to seize the day?

  Mother and Daughter

It has been a long week!  I am watching the day's light rise amidst a steady stream of rain drops.  What will the weekend hold?  Surely a break from the chaos of the daily grind.  For that reason alone I am always eager to make the most of every precious moment.  The women in my family instilled this drive, they never stopped.

For me the best weekends start early and without a plan.  Often they involve my best friend and a ramble in the woods or on a beach.  To bask in the splendor of the morning light is a luxury I seek as often as possible.  This is when I think about my to do list and prioritize. If I am in luck it leads to the kitchen, where I can revel in quiet creation while the rest of the house slumbers.

Early on my mother taught me to appreciate the simple things in life.  Remembering what is really important is a catalyst to happiness for me and it all stems from that truly special lady.

What (or who) inspires you to seize the day?


Here are some of those early hour inspirations:




What you've shared:

I am addicted to baking, so I pull out a few recipe books and create treats for my family. Right now I have been making a lot of cookies because I have been working on my decorating skills.
Posted by Tina

Patty Mavrogianis     Lazy weekend mornings...usually I'm up early and have the coffee brewing. I'll sit with my puppy and read the paper and have a few cups of coffee before anyone is up. Then it's a big breakfast before I even think about getting into the shower.

Anita Alvarez Huizing       Julie, lazy weekend mornings usually involve starting the decaf Starbucks coffee, and feeding the cats (3). Because we live at the beach, I try to get out at daybreak and walk the beach. I am so lucky to be able to do this on the weekends. I so enjoy living in Maine. Once I get back home, I like to take a cup of coffee up to my room and relax while the day lightens. It is just so nice not to be concerned about the time and what the day holds. Just to relax and enjoy.. 

Weekends are so special, I love to just putter around the house finishing up little chores, stopping when I want. It is a time to spend with family and friends, going for that hike through the woods, having family or friends to dinner. Just slowing down. - Posted by Sheryl

not counting the time  -  Posted by Johann

Ana Fritz • I wake up, have my one daily cup of coffee, then I prepare everything I will need for lunch., feed my birds outside and await the East Coast family phone calls.. Not a bad gig, huh? C: Enjoy your morning Julie. C;

Joseph Yacino • I am not sure what that is...always on the run

Virginia Lyttle • No such thing as a lazy weekend morning. Farmers market only open until 11. Lately, after that we have been canning things. Ketchup. Apple Pie Filling. Applesauce.

Beth Shafran-Mukai • This past Sunday morning, We harvested about 200 tomatoes from our garden, and then spent about five hours preparing them - blanching first to slip the skins off, removing seeds, trimming and chopping, and then cooking way down into a rich sauce. Afterwards we portioned the sauce into storage bags, labeled, then froze these gems to later enjoy as the winter arrives - it will be a taste of summer. Last night we had a quick summer tomato sauce with our dinner and it was delicious!



Photo Credit:  Julie Cecchini


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