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Matos Rose

Travel is on my brain.  Perhaps it was the Mussels and Chorizo that turned into Clams and Linguica last night, or maybe it is the dregs of winter...  Whatever the reason an adventure and new experiences are calling my name...

On my way home last night I stopped and bought a Broadbent Vino Verde and Capote Velho.  And then I got a flat tire, and then I broke my IPhone...  Apparently the bermuda triangle landed itself half way between my office and home - or perhaps it is the start of a weekend long adventure.  Whatever the case I decided the meal called for something special and opened a rosy souvenir from a trip to Atlantic Canada that fell right in with my Portugese theme for the night.....


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Jaime and Heather Matos moved to Canada from the Azores when they were young. In Ontario they raised a family and created a successful wine supply business.  All the while Jaime dreamed of the family winery he left behind in Portugal.

image from Their love of the land and predisposition to hard work have led them to Prince Edward Island and the vineyard of their dreams.  In a place where  are making wines from marchal foche and other hybrids that are hearty enough to withstand Atlantic Canada's winters, Jaime has planted classic grapes re known for the world's more celebrated wines.  Experts from all over told him Chardonnay would refuse to grow and Pinot would wither.

On this glorious sunny slop overlooking St Catherine's Bay, Jaime dug his heals in and stuck to what he knew would work.  With Heather by his side, they spent years tending. the soil and fostering the grapes.  Many a night they would stumble back to their house too tired for sustenance.  Today they are offering elegant wines to take great pride in.

Matos Chardonnay is rich and buttery with no lingering sugars that plague many.  Their Gamay-Noir is fresh and full of fruit.  The Rose is light, lovely and lush.  I look forward to see their evolution.  This inviting couple are reason alone to journey back to Prince Edward Island.

Great Recipes to enjoy with these wines; 

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Denise Atkinson • Don't let the electronics and car ruin your day. I only carry the cheap phone but love a good Italian meal. I made some nice stuff in crock pot last night. Good comfort food!! Southern Corn Bread!!

Photo Credit:Julie Cecchini and  Matos Winery


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