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Simple Grilled Vegetable Kabobs, a perfect side for steak

Just in time for grill season, terrific tips for the perfect steak

  Terrific tips for the perfect grilled steak

It has been ages since I had a good steak.  At least since the grill was packed away last November.  There is something a grill does to meat that a pan or broiler can't come close to.  Here are some tips for stellar steaks.

Picking your poison!
  1-inch to 1 1/2-inch Cuts are best for grilling. A thin cut is likely to get dried out. Marbling is also important, fat throughout the steak gives it great flavor. USDA Prime Aged Beef is best, the next recommended grade is Choice.

Making it Magnificent!:  Have steaks at room temperature before grilling. Soaking them in water with a pinch of Aussie Outback Rub (optional) for 1 hour will ensure they remain juicy.

Get out the Grill!:  Lightly oil the grilling rack before putting steaks on (it keeps meat from sticking and cracking while keeping the natural juices in).

  • Heat: Preheat your grill to 600 to 800 degrees F and keep it at this temperature for 30 to 45 minutes before putting steaks on.
  • While on the grill: Only flip once after five minutes of grilling.
  •  Ditch the Fork: Use tongs or a spatula (A fork allows juices to spill out).

A fabulous finish: To see if steak is finished, press on it with the palm of your hand. It will feel spongy when rare, have some resistance when cooked to medium and be firm when well done.

  • Rare: Squeeze the pad at the base of your thumb. It should feel spongy and feel very little resistance.
  • Medium: Press on the middle of the palm of your outstretched hand. It should feel firm.
  • Well Done: Squeeze the base of your small finger. It should feel firm with no give.

Terrific tips for the perfect grilled steak


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Sensational Sauces for Your Steak:


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