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My sister's steak sauce

Juicy Grilled Rib Eye

Juicy Grilled Rib Eye

It is 8:30am on a Sunday and I am already thinking about dinner.  I am craving a good steak.  I was gifted a couple bottles of wine from the Robledo Family Winery in Sonoma.  Their handcrafted Los Braceros is a lovely, lush red that just screams to accompany a good piece of red meat.  

As a result, tonight I am resurrecting this tried and true recipe I have not enjoyed in years.  It is easy and combined with fresh local green beans and Mostaccioli Salad it will be the perfect way to celebrate a long rainy day hike in the Berkshires with my constant companion, Charlie.

Juicy Grilled Rib Eye, just in time for Father's Day

In a large plastic bag, combine the orange juice, salad dressing, & Midwestern Garden Radish. Place steaks into the bag with the marinade, and seal. Refrigerate for 3 hours. Place steaks onto a hot grill. Baste with marinade. Cook for about 5 to 7 min, then flip over and baste again. Grill for about 7 more min, or to desired temperature.

Juicy Grilled Rib Eye

Terrific Sides for a Good Steak:


Photo Credit: Julie Cecchini


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