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Who is more loyal than your mother?


I come from a long line of amazing women.  I did not know Maudie Coyle, in fact the stories of her generation were always of Daddy Coyle, her vivacious husband.  I suspect one of her legacies is a quiet calm and grace.  It is a hallmark characteristic of both my grandmother, Marguerite and mother, Marcia.  Smiling and ever present in our lives, their many contributions have always been subtle yet endlessly supportive.  The phrase "wind beneath my wings" describes both to perfection.

Known for their eloquent letters, letting people know they are not forgotten is a habit my sister Marita has taken up in her own lovely way.  I have gravitated toward baking Maudie's coffee cake when ever a friend needs a bit of comfort.  My leaning towards food over letters most probably reflects all that I have learned from Rocci Cecchini.  "A force of nature" is the only phrase worthy of describing my father's mother.  I see her zest for life in everyone of her many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. 

A mother's love is fierce.  How she portrays it is a varied as our own personalities.  Quietly supportive or dynamically aspiring,she feeds you, clothes you, takes care of you when you are sick and fills your world with possibilities. 

Who is more loyal than your Mother?

Our Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee Cake Mix (from Maudie's recipe) to everyone who posts a picture of their Mother on our Facebook Page.

Delicious treats to make your Mother's Day:


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