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Coffee or Tea?

Coffee in Korea
Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and Teavana are all vying for our thirsty attention.  There was a time when Americans rolled out of bed to a simple brew from Choc Full O'Nuts or spot of tea from Tetly.  Back then people would not have even considered carrying around a jumbo 'caramel creme brulee latte' or extra large 'China green tips', to every stop on their day's journey.  Today our tastes have evolved and a market has grown to service them.

To many, these beverages represent a way to ease into a day's routines.  To others, they are a crutch to keep the day going.  Whatever your reason, there is a ephemeral sense of life slowing down, at least for a moment as you relax and imbibe.

When you roll out of bed in the morning what do you reach for, coffee or tea?





More treats for your favorite brew:


Some of what you've shared:

Robert Stefanik I stopped in to Dunkin' Donuts recently to buy a coffee. The worker asked me what flavor I wanted; I replied coffee. Again they asked me what flavor I wanted; this time I was more specific - I told them I wanted coffee flavored coffee.

Ana Fritz   I add a little bit of coffee to my milk. One cup. I'm a tea drinker for the rest of the day.

Marisa Procopio • I reach for 1% milk or water. What a renegade :)

Lucinda Antal  Assam tea, strong with plenty of milk.

Nicole Fiamingo • Personally, I am a tea person. There is nothing like a cup of chocolate tea to start the day!

Steve Strompolos • Coffee, a buzz, familiar friend, an art, a personal expression, you don't need anyone else or it's nice to share. Morning only.
Tea, afternoon delight pick me up and soothing repose.
Tea, evening, herbal, sleep helper.
These are all forms of tradition, cultural habits, fun, relaxation, physical pleasure.
They will never go away for me.
You're in the right business.

Sandy Sorel  OJ for this girl.

Alessia Brunelli • As a 100% italian speaking consumer, definitely a tasteful expresso coffee :))) no matter I feel like that morning! (my best-loved brand is Italian, ILLY) Actually, I get two cups to wake me up and be smart all day long :))

Heidi Ash • Coffee. Organic French Roast with a splash of cream or Espresso.

Rose Walter • First water, water, water. Later it depends on what I feel like, a cup of coffee or tea. Every day it's different.

Tamas Eger • Well coffee would be good , but at "general coffee" in this country is a watered down sorry resemblance of actual coffee.
I grown up with a big cup of espresso and a Waterford shot glass of good vodka or brandy,then on the way to star the day stop by any of the coffee houses in Wien and have more that wonderful frothy espresso in Demi tasse ,that great heavy little cup with a cube sugar and a rind .. Now , that is a morning ... Not watching a dancing girl an tv hacking Folgers" out of the red plastic tub. YUCK!!!

Rooibos tea with raw milk and ... no spice, just a little sugar. But I'm happy whether I have it or not because there's no caffeine to be addicted to!
Posted by Jennie Wilson

Definitely Coffee, and yes it is my addiction.
Celiac Restaurant Guide
Posted by Harold & Dona Heidinger

I'm not a big coffee drinker but on the weekend I like to start my morning with a hot coffee with lots of froth, topped off with half a spoon of raw sugar and a healthy dollop of Bailey's Irish Cream.
Posted by Sandy Denny

No coffe, no tea, but a big, creamy real, wonderful cappuccino.
in Italy so many people drink it!
Posted by Angelica Grieco

Coffee - just not a tea drinker...
Posted by Larry Opiela

Milk, white milk. Without sugar. With corn flakes and chocolate rice crispies... gnam gram!!!
Posted by Arianna Gavassi

Start the day with hot coffee, mid-day with hot coffee, mid afternoon with hot coffee, iced tea with meals, and many times end the day with a hot cup of tea.
Chocolate tea sounds delicious.
Posted by Sam Horton

Rooibos tea with raw milk and ... no spice, just a little sugar. But I'm happy whether I have it or not because there's no caffeine to be addicted to!
Posted by Jennie Wilson

A large glass of Culligan Water to take my vitamins and then eat a healthy Gluten Free breakfast.
Posted by Jill Reynolds

Coffee morning and tea at night
Posted by Sylvain Chabot

coffee for sure!
Posted by Brian Milne

I'm with Rose. Its water, water, water and then a lovely strong cafe au lait (the old caffe latte). Bon journee tout le monde.
Posted by Barb Wild

A huge mug of Smoky Earl Grey tea from Fortnum's with a tiny splash of milk. Coffee only when we're in France or Italy where they know how to make it.
Posted by Anne Maxfield

Knew it! bet you make fantastic retes/strudel!
Posted by Lucinda Antal

my mother is Hungarian , my father was German, but it is a European kind a thing , we all grow up like that, and still do it every morning ... O and we eat calf brain floretts with scarmbled eggs in the week end morning .... when time to cook the past week away ...!:)
Posted by Tamas Eger

Nor tea nor coffee, for me MATE, a tipical infussion form South America.
Posted by Federico Garcia Lagos

TEA all the way for me!!
Posted by Katrina Murray

My day always starts with a strong cup of mate, followed by a resteep of mate with water throughout the day. I agree with Tamas, coffee that I find around these parts is usually very weak. I'd get more caffeine by drinking plain water.
Posted by Shayla Nastasi

Pot of tea that sits on my Aga till its all gone.
Posted by Cindy Cull

Weekdays de-caff tea weekends.... Java Republic(Local Irish factory). fresh ground double espresso...
Posted by Jim Connor

I'm hard core. My usual morning beverage is organic fair-trade unsweetened 100% cocoa mixed with hot water and perhaps some flavoring (vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint extract, etc.)
Posted by Shel Horowitz

I like to drink coffee in the summer and tea in the winter. Since tea has less caffeine I can drink more of it and it serves double duty by keeping me warm and alert.
Posted by Anna-Lisa Finger MS RD LDN

Bigelow tea has a lovely coffee substitute which is roasted chickory - it's called "Take a Break" and I love it. I can't have too much sugar first thing in the a.m, so I save cocoa for later in the day. My choice is good rich Mexican hot chocolate. Ole!
Posted by Ana Fritz

Sweet Earl Grey tea for smooth comfort and sustenance, and an hour later @ work, a frothy cappuccino for the caffeine kick.
Posted by Alexia Amvrazi

A glass of water, a cup of hot water with lemon juice and then either green tea or white tea.
Posted by Kathy Drury

 These days I am readcing for Prilosec first, a small bite of toast, then my dark roast coffee with Silk Milk and demara sugar! Yeah! I think I had too many coffees, so Prilosec became my first stop in the am. LOL!
Posted by Kim Valentin Neale

Found the Good Earth Chocolate Chai!!!!! Yippee!!!
Posted by Ana Fritz

Definitely water with slices of lemon and a pot of loose-leaf green tea.
Posted by Sanura Weathers


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Kathy Drury

A glass of water, a cup of hot water with lemon juice and then either green tea or white tea.

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