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What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite food?
 A few days ago I was telling a friend about the evolution of Terra Americana.  He then asked me "What is your favorite food?"  What a loaded question, and who would have thought.  I once classified myself as "A starving artist who lives and breathes food."  I should know what my favorite is, but I have been at a loss for days.

I have thought about my favorite meals and the moments when just a taste sent shivers down my spine.  Yet the true answer eluded me.  There are so many wonderful memories and the options for new experiences are limitless.

Just now I had an Epiphany.  At this moment I love bread.  It may change in an hour, but right now it is BREAD; simple, satisfying item with limitless personalities that I hold dear.

What is your Favorite Food?

What is your favorite food?

Some of What you've shared

  1. Bread is a favorite food, also. Not the white "Wonder" variety, either. But hearty crusty breads with different toppings. One of the best breakfasts I ever had was in Dresden, Germany at the home of a friend of a friend; fresh baked bread - jams, butter and my very first taste of lemon curd.
  2. Pasta and meat-a-ballas and lasagna and manicotti and hot Italian bread with lots of butter and, and, etc. etc.
  3. every time I go to a restaurant and I’m unsure on what to order, I find myself ordering the classic chicken parmesan or some kind of Italian dish.
  4. Friendly's Ice Cream. Mint Chocolate chip 
  5. My homemade creamy potatoe soup. I could eat that with cornbread every day I think.
  6. Blackened sea scallops
  7. My Mom's Beef Stew with homemade biscuits,
  8. Stuffed Peppers
  9. Nothing beats a fresh, vine ripened tomato, a juicy peach picked off the tree, and of course - chocolate!
  10. My favorite food is Turkish Tarhana . Tarhana is a kind of soup which is made from the fresh vegetables and legumes grown in summer. Preparation of it requires a lot of efforts. The
    nutritive value of its ingredient is approved by the universities in Turkey. That’s why it is recommended for children which are growing.  Furthermore,owing to the vitamins and minerals in its ingredients,especially it helps to cure the symptoms of infectious diseases. Tarhana is such a healthful soup that you should always eat it even you’re ill or even you’re healthy. It contains no additive and preventive.  The ingredients are boiled and mixed with flour and it becomes dough.
    The dough is kneaded periodically and it’s kept like that for three weeks. At the end of the third week the dough is dried in small pieces. The dried dough is crumbled and rubbed by hands on a cloth.
    Then,it’s ready to be cooked. Tarhana is like flour. In this form, it’s conserved in a dry place and at room temperature for one year.  While cooking tarhana soup, it’s stirred with warm water and boiled.
    It’s easy to cook and it doesn’t last long.


More of my favorite foods;

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every time I go to a restaurant and I’m unsure on what to order, I find myself ordering the classic chicken parmesan or some kind of Italian dish.

Julie Cecchini

My mouth water's at the thought!

Last night another friend said to me, "There is nothing like a good steak."

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