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The Superbowl of Recipes...

image from cache1.asset-cache.netI am not really one for watching sports. The one year I actually got into it was as a student in London. We were close to Wimbledon, so that was a really big deal, if you went to a pub on the weekend you were inevitably drawn into the culture of team loving.  When the Superbowl came along, our English Professors gave us the Monday after off.  My friend, Nancy Dalhberg Faust and her flatmates were all over it and the centuries old building they lived in was never the same.

Nothing will ever measure up to that party.  Most years the big game comes and goes and I am completely oblivious to it.  Every once in a while I go to a Superbowl party and find myself more interested in the menu than who is playing.

Recipes for party foods are too numerous to count.  I am wondering if the really successful ones help lessen  the pain of your team not living up to their ability as when the Patriots last met the Jets at the season finale..? ...  What kind of food do you want on the table when you watch the game?

Some sensational ideas for fabulous football food

Ideas from Cooks who inspire us


Superbowl recipes

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Here are some of your ideas; 

Joe Swartz • How about a "happy medium" of good nutritious local produce and "sinful" food (locally produced) as well?

David Ringland - Just because it's game day, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste.
In my opinion:
  • Before the game - Filet Mignon with creamy truffle risotto and saute of spinach/swisschard accompanied by a nice bottle of Turnbull Cabernet.
  • First Half - A frosty Bass Ale
  • During Christina Aguilera's fumble: an additional Bass Ale
  • After the game -  a frosty Bass ale


Photo Credit:  H. Armstrong Rogers 


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