White chocolate and nice spiced cookies
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Creative christmas cookie recipes, gluten free and beyond

creative christmas cookies, gluten free gingerbread

What would the Holidays be with out the cookie?  This mouthful of joy is said to have been coveted for thousands of years.  creative christmas cookiesEgyptians enjoye d them at rituals.  Neolithic farmers are believed to have subsited off a crude form baked on hot rocks. creative christmas cookies, gluten free In some cultures it was considered a slight and bad omen if you left your hosts home without trying their petite confections.  creative christmas cookies, gluten free Dutch settler's brought their Koeptje (small cakes) to the new world.  The Koeptje became the cookie and holiday gift giving has never looked back. Continued...


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Cinnamon & cran crunch all wrapped up


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I should have read this before I bought the store "bake your own" sugar cookies with the print Santa picture on it. HORRIBLE... and I bought like 5 packages because I 'thought' it would be cute for Christmas :( It's a pitty it is going to waste. I think I might just bake them right before the next time I go to my church's care center and drop them off with the other things I donate :-X

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