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Sweet Maple Butter

Mayple butterBeing a Vermonter, this is one of my all time fall-favorite recipes. This sweet treat is good on everything from breakfast to dinner. This time of year, every restaurant has a jar of maple butter on each table in Vermont. As you can imagine, this sweet butter is fantastic on toast, pancakes, and waffles. However, give this a try on something a little more uncommon. Add to popcorn, atop sweet potatoes, or mix in with vegetables. Feeling adventurous? Substitute sweet maple butter for regular butter when baking. Pair this sweet treat with local, pure maple syrup from the Skidding Deer Sugar House at Barnum and Buckley Farm in Southwick, Mass for the ultimate pancake breakfast! Enjoy, or as my YiaYia says, "yassou!" Katlin.

Set out butter till softened. Blend with Maple Sugar. Serve with warm rolls.


Great Recipes To Add Sweet Maple Butter:


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