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Mad Mike's Grilled Turkey, an easy option for the holidays

Mike's Grilled Turkey, an easy option for the holidays

Meet my brother in law, a hard working so and so who always has a smile on his face.  While my sister governs the kitchen, the grill is Mike's domain.  And...he is a great cook!  My favorite of all of his specialties is his grilled turkey.  It all started they year he decided to raise his own.  After chasing the escape artists down the street for the hundredth time the mad man began to plot how he would enjoy them, and with that a great recipe was born.

One year I worked on the Thanksgiving, so I missed the holiday meal.  Mike did not think that was right so he prepared a turkey dinner just for me the following weekend.  The gesture touched my heart.  Whenever I want an effortless way to give thanks for friends and family and a grill is close by, this is my go to main course.

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Rule # 1 - No Measuring Allowed

Necessary Ingredients

  • 1 Grill
  • Lots of Beer for the cook
  • 1 Turkey
  • Oil & Vinegar
  • Olio do Panne
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Onions, chopped
  • fresh thyme, optional
  • Aluminum foil

Start up your grill. Grease your baking tin with oil & vinegar. Place the turkey breast in the baking tin and shower it with chopped onions and thyme, making sure some get into the bird's cavity. Sprinkle enough Olio do Panne, salt and pepper on the bird to suit your taste. Be sure to have a Kleenex handy in case some pepper gets into the bird's nose, and he needs to sneeze. Keep the tin covered with aluminum foil for the first hour. For each additional half hour, remember to baste the bird. After the timer has popped up, allow your bird to cook another 10 minutes or so.

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Great ideas for trimming your Turkey:


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