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Veggie Rice

veggie rice

In China I have learned that food does not have to be pretentious to make a statement.  I have learned that certain ingredients can always reside in your refrigerator and never be the same or get boring.  Sticky rice is such a thing.  Whatever looks like it is starting to get old gets chopped up, sauteed and tossed in to make this dish.

Some times I fry the rice, other times I heat it and present it as a bed for the main course.  This morning, I have heated plates of it in the oven, ready for the eggs I am poaching.  What a lovely and luscious way to ease into a summer Sunday...

In a large pan heat oil over med heat and saute scallion until tender, but not browned. Add the veggies, sesame seeds, stock and Veggie Rub. Bring the mixture to a boil and then reduce the heat to low.  When the liquid has reduced by 1/2, add the protein and sticky rice. Cook until the rice browns a bit.  If you want to add frozen peas, wait until the very end and let them thaw in the pan.

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