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Pesto alla Genovese from The Kitchen Garden

Red Fire Farm Freezer Pesto

image from juliatylerfoodblog.files.wordpress.com Red Fire Farm offers this simple way to to make and have pesto all year.

"The PYO herb patch is full of basil so it’s a great time to put away some pesto for the winter. Make the pesto without cheese now to save freezer space and you can add it in to your liking when you eat it.

In a food processor or blender, blend basil, garlic, olive oil and salt to taste. Proportions may vary, but

  • 1 lb basil,
  • 3 cloves garlic,
  • ½ cup oil
  • ½ cup pinenuts, walnuts or sunflower seeds and
  • 2 tsp salt

is a good place to start. When smooth, fill an old ice cube tray and freeze. Pop the cubes out and put in a Ziploc bag for storage. When ready to serve, defrost, add in parmesan cheese and mix with noodles. Enjoy!"

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Photo Credit: Two Novice Chefs, One Tiny Kitchen


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