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Axler's Smoked Salmon Chowder With Roasted Garlic and Pesto

image from www.cookiemag.comKippered salmon or Baked salmon is made from white salmon, salt cured and cooked with a light golden smoke. The resulting texture is flakier than Nova and idea for this chowder from Springfield Smoked Fish.  Different, delicious and decadent.

1 head Garlic
3 Tablespoons Olive Oil
12 Red Potatoes cut in half inch pieces
1 1/2 cups Corn Kernels
2 Scallions, chopped
2 cups Clam Juice
3 cups water
1/2 cup Heavy Cream
2 Tablespoons Basil Pesto
1 cup Springfield Kippered Salmon ( Hot smoked) Flaked

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Separate cloves of garlic. Coat with 1 Tablespoon oil and spread on baking sheet. Bake until soft, about 15 minutes. Cool. Squeeze cloves from the peelings and puree into a paste. In large pot, heat remaining 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil over medium to high heat. Add potatoes and cook for 5 minutes until they begin browning. Add corn and scallions and continue cooking, stirring often, for 3 minutes. Add clam juice and water, bring to simmer. Cover and simmer until potatoes are fork tender, approximately 20 minutes. Stir in cream, pesto, garlic paste, and Springfield Kippered Salmon . Continue to simmer for 5 minutes.

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This is so fantastic. Might be the best soup I have ever eaten. It is by far the best soup I have ever made! Thank you!

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