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Old Favorites For Baking: Maple Flapjacks

Maple flapjacks

During our College Days in Washington, DC, my friend Alexis and I would treat our selves to breakfast the morning after an all night study session.  We became connoisseurs of such southern favorites as "Scrapple" & "Grits" and on each outing we saw it as our duty to find a new "Greasy Spoon" and critique their cooking.  Flapjacks were always a must.  We held long debates on our voyage home trying to discern the secret recipe for what we had just enjoyed.  After years of trial and error the contents of this package is an amalgamation of the best recipes we found with a wheat free twist.

Mix the contents of this package with

  • 2 EGGS
  • 1 1/4 CUP MILK

Add the lemon juice to the milk and allow to cool to room temperature. Cook by the tablespoon or ½  ladle on a hot greased griddle. When the batter is bubbled all over an brown underneath, flip until brown on the other side. Serve warm with butter and Maple syrup, sugar or Jam. This mix makes 3 dozen silver dollar or 1 dozen standard sized flapjacks.

INGREDIENTS: Corn, Arrowroot and Rice Flours, pure maple sugar, and kosher salt.

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Photo Credit: Justin Hansen


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