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What to do with your bananas if they are starting to go brown..

Browning Banana

Banana Bread, Cream Pie, Foster....The list of recipes for this creamy fruit is endless.  While they are terrific when fresh, eaten out of the skin or sliced on your cereal, a whole new world opens when they begin to brown.

Not a pretty picture, but infinitely useful, throwing out those browning bananas should be a considered a sin.  Instead the best course of action is to pop them into a zip lock bag and toss them in the freezer for later use.

We have kept them this way for up to 8 months with terrific results.  The bananas will have blackened skins when they emerge from the freezer, but don't be put off, the insides are they same creamy color and will easily slide intact from the peel.  Bananas can act as a suitable substitute for eggs and oil in many baked goods.

More Ideas Courtesy of Tip Hero

  • Banana Substitute for Whipped Cream: whip together 2 large mashed overripe bananas, 3 tsp sugar and 2 egg whites. Beat at high speed until fluffy, then try on strawberry shortcake, vanilla ice cream, pancakes or waffles.
  • Shake it Up: make a delicious and nutritious banana smoothie. Mash 2 bananas and throw them in the blender. Pour in a 6 oz container of vanilla yogurt, add a splash of milk and throw in 2 ice cubes. Blend and enjoy!
  • Sauteed Delight: cut a banana in half. Sprinkle it with some cinnamon sugar and saute with butter until soft. Try this treat on top of vanilla ice cream.
  • Get a Facial: mix a mashed banana with honey and oatmeal for a healthy facial scrub.
  • Really, Really Overripe Bananas: if the banana has gotten to the point where you can no longer consume it, bury it beneath your rose bushes and watch them bloom.
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Fantastic Recipes for this Frozen Treat

Photo Credit:  Julie Cecchini


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