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Grilled Chicken and black beans, a simple and satisfying supper

Chicken and black beans Black beans have been a staple in South American cooking for over 7,000 years.  Full of cholesterol lowering fiber and rich in antioxidants they are also high in magnesium which make them a heart healthy addition to any diet or meal.  While beans are full of protein on their own, they take on a whole new flavor and meaning when cooked with poultry or fish.  Hearty and nutritious this meal makes a simple and satisfying weeknight supper.Grilling this recipe brings on a new cast of tastes.  For best results be sure to rinse chicken under cold water. Pat  dry with paper towels before adding to a marinade or rubbing with spices.  Charcoal and gas grills should be heated to medium high.  If you prefer your meat with skins, be sure to put it skin side down first, then turn several times while cooking.  Chicken is cooked when you cut into the middle of a thick piece and find the juices running clear.

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