Planting a simple kitchen garden, the ultimate way to eat local
Tomatoes, giving an heirloom quality to your kitchen

Get Your Garden Growing

Container-garden-0410-m What a glorious Spring we have been having! 
I have been eager to get out in my gardens since February when I started my first seedlings.  They have now been transplanted.  Some are already in the ground and I can not wait to get home to see the progress they have made today.  After doing a bit of research on growing Heirloom Tomatoes I realize the ones I have planted are not far enough in the ground.  The lessons never end for the home gardener!  I am sad that we are not at The Springfield Farmer's Market every week as it was always such a luxury to consult with one of the master gardener's.  If you are looking for something to do this coming Saturday, Ryan Voiland of Red Fire Farm will be giving a workshop on growing Heirloom Tomatoes, it starts at 11am at their farm, you will find details here.  He truly is the local expert on the subject.
This weekend I am hoping to deconstruct one garden to make room for a proper greenhouse and get some of my companion flowers in with the vegetables so that the beds will start to show some color.  Hopefully by memorial day most of the hard labor will be completed and I can start thinking about what to do with the katadin potatoes, patty pan squash, garbanzo beans, listadada eggplant, rainbow kale, etc.... Read More  

  With every good wish 


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Photo Credit:  Sunset Magazine


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