Cheesy day ahead mashed potatoes, made special with local ingredients
4 tips for making better Cornbread

Cooking Potatoes

49496_potato_lg The potatoes you select should be firm, free of cuts, bruises, and any sign of mold.  Thoroughly wash potatoes and leave the skin on for color, taste and texture to this recipe.  As a rule of thumb, prepare ½ pound of raw potatoes per person.  Potatoes cut into small, similar-sized chunks will cook faster. Rubbing a small amount of butter around the top edge of the pot will help  prevent the potato water from boiling over.  A dash of vinegar or lemon juice to the boiling water will help keep the color of the potato.  Over cooking the potatoes will cause a gummy texture.  Returning the drained potatoes to a hot pan for a few minutes will dry them out and help in avoiding a glue like texture.  An old fashioned potato masher produces consistently fluffy results.

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Cold water, half drowned, fire high, wait for the "plume of vapor", turn down to lowest and set clock to 20min. Don't lift the lid!! Saves really a lot of energy!

Jan Harmon, the Netherlands


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