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Happy New Year; Indulge us with a request

Happy New Year;

Once again we would like to thank you for the enormous support you have given us in 2009.  You are what keeps us going.  In 2010 we pledge to keep in better contact. 

Many of you may be considering resolutions for the coming year, this series off articles in,  New years resolutions, sharing the wealth of new possibilities can be accessed through our sister blog.  They offer some good ideas and links to some great new interactive tools.  The top article also links to some books and a movie that were not only brilliant but changed the way we look at food.

I believe there is no one the economy did not challenge this year.  Some of us have had the fortune of just having had to simplify our lifestyles.  One in five of us are not so lucky.  It is estimated that as many as 49 million people will look for food assistance this year.  Through Feeding America (formerly Share Our Strength) a donation of $1 will provide 7 meals to the needy.  If 150 of us make that small donation of 1 simple dollar (can you find 4 quarters underneath your couch cushions?) we will collectively donate 1050 meals, which would feed a family of 4, three meals a day for 87 days.  If it is something you might be persuaded to do, please visit Feeding America.

Cheers to a prosperous and healthy 2010.